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This 2-day workshop provides on-the-job tools for effective Communications, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, and Leadership of People. It provides a foundation to explore leadership styles, preferences, new tools and concepts to enhance leadership and managing skills. Facilitation encompassing all learning styles with an emphasis on practical discussion and small group work.

Day 1, Module 1 - Communication Skills explores understanding one's self and others' communication styles.

Day 1, Module 2 - Problem Solving Tools discusses the different problem solving modalities that individuals are already utilizing at work and personally. Concepts and practise is utilized to promote lateral thinking.

Day 2, Module 3 - Conflict Resolution deals with the reality that most people avoid conflicts. Participants discover patterns to conflict and strategies for effectively dealing with varied conflicts in order to achieve positive results and opportunities.

Day 2, Module 4 - Leadership and Managing discusses the differences between managing and leading and the qualities necessary to be an effective leader.

Take aways: Each participant receives a certificate of completion, 44-page booklet, numerous handouts, and an On-the-job tool box wallet containing several card-sized job aids as reminders of important leadership principles.

Sales Dimensions

This six hour workshops gives the Sales Professional the ability to:

  1. 1.Remember their dominant personality sales styles

  2. 2.Recognize the customer’s personality purchasing styles

  3. 3.Adapt sales approaches to increase closings

This is achieved through:

  1. Personality Dimensions© Standardized Assessment

  2. Sales Dimensions© theories and practice

  3. Using the Personality Dimensions© Sales Wheel

You leave with:

  1. Your Personality Dimensions© results

  2. 13-page PD in Action Booklet

  3. How to Sell.... tips sheets, one for each personality

  4. Closing tips sheets for each personality

  5. Practice scenarios

  6. The Sales Approach Wheel

  7. Sales Approach Commitment Sheet