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Popular Personality Dimensions® Workshops
Become a Personality Dimensions® Facilitator - Certification
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Personality Styles of Leadership Workshop:
6-hour workshop that helps Team Leaders adapted thier leadership styles in order to understand thier associates and increase motivation. . Click here for workshop details

Communications/Team Building Workshop:
6-hour workshop that helps people adapted thier communication styles in order to get the most for thier teams.

Sales Dimensions® Training:
 6-hour workshop helping sales professionals match thier sales approach to different types of personalities.  Each workshop participant receives a Sales Approach Wheel. Click here for details

Sensitivity Training:
6-hour workshop that explains how personality styles can drive sensitivity in the workplace.

(All workshops can be delivered through a 6 hour classroom session or with a 3-hour online assessment and 3-hour classroom session)

Becoming a Personality Dimensions® Facilitator  - Certification:

After this 3-day (21 hour*) course you will be able to:
Deliver a Personality Dimensions® workshop
Customize a Personality Dimensions® workshop for specific goals and learning outcomes
Recall the mandatory components of a Personality Dimensions® workshop
Apply ethical considerations
* Note: the 21 hours of workshop time can be allocated as needed (eg. The 3 days can be spread over a desired period of time, or be delivered in 6 Half-day sessions)

What you will experience:
Experiential hands-on, interactive learning
Activities typically used in a workshop
Practice and feedback on your adult learning facilitators style
Sample various Personality Dimensions® products with attention given to products with a Career and Employment application

You will leave with:
A Personality Dimensions® Facilitator’s Binder
Personality Dimensions® Resource CD
Sample Personality Dimensions® product with Career and Employment perspectives.

During the third day you will be required to successfully complete an open book exam to achieve Certified Level  I Personality Dimensions® Facilitator status, and should anticipate some homework on the evening of the first and second day of the program.

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