Communications/Team Building Workshop:

  1. A 3 or 6 hour workshop that helps people adapted thier communication styles in order to get the most for thier teams.

Sensitivity Training:

  1. A 3 or 6 hour workshop that explains what drives peoples’ sensitivity in the workplace.

Fundamentals of Leadership:

  1. This 2-day workshop provides on-the-job tools for effective Communications, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, and Leadership of People.

Sales Dimensions Training:

  1. A 6 hour workshop helping sales professionals match thier sales approach to different types of personality.  Each workshop participant receives a Sales Approach Wheel

Career Counselling assessments and advice:

  1. One-on-one career counselling staring with a 90 minute interview to determine if additional assessments and planning is needed.

Outdoors Solo Times:

  1. Connect with the external nature to explore your inner nature.  Solo time in the outdoors can help one align their outer life with their inner nature.  In other words “Doing What You Love”.  Click on the image below to access the Nature Presence website:

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